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Peach-shaped fence fence


Machine Name: Peach column Fence net packing machine

Equipment Model:YSBZJ

The exquisite degree of the product now determines the decisive factor of the consumer's choice. Therefore, improving the appearance of the product is the direction in which the company most needs to grasp now. Especially for irregular products, it is very difficult. The appearance of the shrinking machine has solved this series of irregular products, and has made a better progress for the development of the company.

A commonly used metal guardrail, the appearance of a regular semi-oval shape, resembles a peach shape, it is called a peach-shaped column , generally its thickness is 1-1.2mm, through the machine cold pressure, cold forming, the outer side of the cylinder Elliptical type, after the two inner plates are connected, they are each bent outward to form a U-shape, which is the hook portion. In order to facilitate the connection between the peach column and the mesh, the inside of the column is arranged according to the mesh size of the mesh, and the length of the column is evenly arranged. The N groups of hooking notches are distributed on both sides of the column, and the outer and the outer ovals of the hook U are formed. The straight edges of the cylinders are tangent to each other, effectively preventing them from being opened and ensuring the safety performance of the guard rails against flooding.
The villa garden fence nets generally use peach-shaped pillars, which are mainly used for isolation and protection of roads, villas, airports, public places, and scenic sightseeing areas. Peach-shaped columns can also be used to protect high-end villas, airports, and prisons.

Peach column fence packing machine introduction:
The device is a combination of two machines, one is a film wrapping machine and the other is a shrink wrapping machine. The former is to cover the roll fence, and then cut off the PE film. The latter is shrink-wrapped. Through the high temperature of the furnace, the PE film is only wrapped on the surface of the asphalt waterproof material. And the device is a fully automated machine , which can automatically complete the functions of laminating, sealing and shrinking. It has fast packaging, high efficiency and good effect.
Generally, the shrinkage materials used in the peach-shaped column fencing wire packaging machine include PVC, POF, PE, etc. The POF shrink film can also be called an environmentally-friendly shrink film, which is most widely used, with high surface gloss, good toughness, and tear resistance. High strength, uniform heat shrink and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging, etc. Especially good advantages of environmental protection are recognized by the majority of manufacturers, so the field of use is very wide; the chemical name of PVC shrink film is polyethylene, it is not environmentally friendly material, low toughness, gradually Replaced by POF film, generally applicable to chemical non-environmental protection industry; PE shrink film, generally used in the beverage industry, the most widely used, features: good flexibility, impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to damage, not afraid of tide, shrinkage Large, suitable for relatively heavy shrink film packaging.

The specific packaging form of Peach Fence Fence Packaging Machine is prevalent in the packaging market. It is supported by the market and allows customers to feel the strength of the technology. The shrinking machine is wrapped with shrink film on the outside of the product or package, and heat shrinks the film. Shrink tightly wrapped products or packages, fully display the appearance of the goods, improve product sales, increase the appearance and value. After its packaging, it can seal, prevent moisture, and prevent pollution. It also protects goods from external shocks, so it not only gives the product a beautiful appearance, but also ensures that the product is not damaged and so on. Shrinking machines create more possibilities for people's lives and give a more fashionable and perfect way of life. Nowadays shrinking machines have become a mechanical device that is indispensable for the packaging of many products, which has improved the speed of development of the company.

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